Monday, January 22, 2018


Hello to You All!

I hope your new year is off to a good start. For me, this year is filled with so much anticipation! In less than one month, we will be on our way to the States. Even though I am still here in Brazil, I find that in my mind, I am already "there". I am imagining sitting by the fire at my parents' house. I am seeing Ronã eating Grater's ice cream for the first time. I am imagining my Mom playing with and talking to Oliver. It brings both longing and joy.

In the mean time, we are preparing to be gone for 3 months and for our move to João Pessoa once we come back. We have sold most of our stuff. We have found a new home for our dog, Café. We are getting used to the idea of leaving what we have been building since we came back here to Altamira less than 2 years ago.

The hardest thing to leave behind is the women's group that I have been leading, as well as the individuals that I have been investing in. Thankfully, one of the women, Débora, will be continuing to lead the group after I have gone. We have already moved the group over to her house, and she had begun taking responsibility for it. It has been such a pleasure for me to watch her grow and develop into a mature follower of Christ. She has showed faithfulness and a sincere motivation to pursue Jesus at whatever the cost. Even though I am leaving, we will continue to keep in contact with each other while I am away in order to guide her.
Group Selfie!

This group has provided an opportunity for these women to share their struggles and victories in a safe environment which is often not available to them in other settings. Please pray for Débora and these women as they continue to move forward with each other and with God.

Update from Ronã: Hey everybody! We are almost finishing with the vacation flag football project. We started with around 8 kids (5 of those I had never met before). We still had some spots available, so my friend, Amoacy, advertised at CDR. One kid came and then he invited 3 of his friends, and they invited their friends!
While talking to them about Christ, I noticed that some of them have never heard the stories of Jesus before. I was glad God gave me the chance to introduce Him to them. Always, when I am with them, I am reminded of myself. When I started studying at CDR, my teacher invited me to do a play at the church, and also to play soccer a couple of times. I felt so happy and accepted at that time, and it is one of my favorite memories. I pray that these kids may feel the same way. Below is a video of the kids playing.


We would like to start scheduling our time to visit with you while we are there, so below, I am going to put the dates that we will be available. Please, send me an email with the time that will work for you. We can get together for lunch or dinner. Can't wait!

March 13-March 26
April 2-April 24
May 10-May 14

Love, the Moura Family


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