Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back to Work!

Hello Guys!!

So, I hear it is finally starting to warm up there in the north! My short experience with winter this year was quite the reminder of how much I don't enjoy it. I'm glad for all of you that its coming to an end! I am also very happy to be back here in the warm, tropical climate of Brazil. It is the rainy season now, so it is not too hot. It's perfect.
Despite the weather, I had a great time seeing all of you again. I really enjoyed the opportunity to preach at church and just share with all of you what I have been doing over the past year and a half. It was unfortunate that we weren't able to have church on my last Sunday there because of the snow. I know, however, that the church is still planning on having a lunch to talk about my plans here in Brazil and how you can get involved. I hope you will be able to make it!
Next time I come to visit, it will definitely be in the summer so that I can stay longer and get to spend more time with all of you!
So, now that I am back in Brazil, I have settled back into my life as normal. I have been teaching a CDR again, which has started off great. This semester, I am helping my friend, Cleide, in one of the lower level classes. Most of these students don't understand very much English, and as it turns out, neither do I! You may find this strange, but even though you are able to speak a language does not mean you know how to explain it to others. I am constantly learning new things that I always took for granted. Cleide is a great teacher, and without her, I would be completely lost! I know that my time with her will successfully prepare me for my venture in Portel.
My goal since I have been back is to slowly start preparing things for my move to Portel. My preparations are already underway, and God has already helped me so much. I have a friend here who is from Germany, and she will be leaving next month to move home. Because she is moving, she wants to sell all of her things. I jumped on the opportunity to buy them because when I move, I will have to buy everything. So far, the mission has provided most of what I need for an apartment, but I will have nothing when I leave here. So I worked out a deal with my friend to buy everything for around $750! That includes a washing machine, a refrigerator, a stove, table and chairs, etc.! It is such great timing for both of us, and I feel very blessed by this.
I just want to say again how great it was to see all of you. I was so thankful for all of your kind and encouraging words. You made me feel welcomed and loved and cherished. I know that you guys are thinking about me even when I'm not there. I know that I am in your hearts, just as you are in mine. I'm glad that you have chosen to continue with me on this journey. Thank you.

Me, my Dad, and my brothers

Below is a link with the pictures I took on my travels back to the US. Enjoy!

The States 2014

Love, Allison