Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Can you believe it, I've been in Brazil for almost 3 months now! I am settling into my new life, getting a routine, and continuing to become more and more familiar with how things are done here. I feel good here, and I think I am adjusting well. But I must say, I miss you guys!!! Its hard to be away from all of you. Sometimes, I wish I could just go over to your house or call you up to go see a movie or eat pizza.
In some ways, I am a little lonely. I certainly do not lack for friendships here. I have met so many people that I really enjoy and am happy to know, but there is something to be said for having a history with people. You guys know me well, and my relationships here are only just beginning. I am confident that my new relationships will build, but of course, that takes time. I want you all to know that I'm thankful for the history we have built together over the years.
Last time, I told you that I was starting a small group for the single women in our church, and now we have been meeting for a month. The group is starting off well, but as with anything in the beginning, there are a few challenges. One is that I still am learning Portuguese, so that of course, is a barrier to helping me lead the group. The other challenges have to do with building momentum and consistent structure into the group. My hope is that the presence of God really shows up in these women's lives. Please, keep our group in your prayers.
A few weeks ago, I went on the another Fiel Retreat (they have them once a month). We went to another city about 4 hours away called Uruara. A Brazilian couple and their 3 children moved there about 2 years ago to start a new church plant. We were there to encourage them and also have services for their church community. This couple, Poli and Nega, are very special to me as I met them 4 years ago when I came here for the first time. I really connected with them then, and I was glad to learn that they still remembered me, and even had a picture of me that they kept in their home. Being able to see each other again was encouraging for both of us, and was a great conformation to me of God's faithfulness. He really does bring us full circle if we will trust and follow him.
Please also keep their family in your prayers as they work to build their church in Uruara. And thank you, all of you, for your friendship, your support, your prayers, your love, and your faithfulness to Christ. Bless you and your families! And have a good Thanksgiving! (Eat some turkey for me!)
Poli, Nega, Poliana, and Samuel 4 years ago

Their youngest son, Gabriel

 More Pictures from Fiel Retreat in Uruara