Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Delayed

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing well! Of course, I want to let you know how things are going with my progress. I had originally planned to leave in mid-July. I had already bought a plane ticket and had pretty much gotten all my affairs together.

Recently, I spoke with Steve Dolan, who is my main contact in Brazil, and he said that the team did not yet feel comfortable with the amount of support I have raised so far. Their goal is that I am set up for success when I arrive, and without the proper support, that could be a big problem.
So, I have rescheduled my flights for mid-August in hopes that I can spend the next month raising enough support.

What will be the most helpful in achieving this goal is gaining Monthly Committed Support. Being able to anticipate how much I will receive each month is crucial for my success. Many cannot agree to a monthly commitment, and I completely understand your position. For those who can only support by a one-time gift or occasional support, I want you to know that I still really appreciate and need your help. However, if any of you are able to commit for the next 2 years to even a small amount, between $10-$25, that would also be a big help. My time commitment in Brazil is for at least the next 2 years. After that, you can reevaluate whether or not it would be feasible to continue.

Its been about a year now that I have been working towards getting to Brazil. So many things have had to take place in order for me to get to this point. Despite some of the difficulties and setbacks, I still feel very confident that God is calling me to Brazil. I want to be apart of God bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. I believe that as you support me through prayer and finances, you also become apart of one of the things God is doing in the Earth.
I will keep all of you updated on how my progress moves over the next month. Thank you again for going on this journey with me!

You can mail your check to:
Xingu Mission
PO Box 340785
Columbus, OH 43234

*Be sure to make your check out to the Xingu Mission, and write Allison Rupert in the memo portion.

Or you can make a donation online: