Thursday, August 9, 2012

Glad Tidings!

After much anticipation and hours of paperwork and prayer and fasting, the time is finally here. I'm going to Brazil. I left for Georgia on August 3rd to spend some time with my Mother, and on August 14th, I will be flying to Brazil.
I am going to be leaving behind so many amazing friends. Vineyard Tuttle Crossing, especially, is like an extended family for me. Over the past 5 years, its been the place where I have found encouragement and growth. Some many of you have poured out your hearts to support me, and I will be forever grateful.
Of course, I will also be leaving behind family. Even though I will have the internet to keep in contact with everyone, its won't quite be the same. I have a niece and nephews that I will not be able to watch growing up. So much can change in even a short amount of time. I will miss them terribly.
But I am heading toward something, it is not just loss. I know God will be faithful to me to supply all my needs, not just financially but emotionally. My hope is to become a part of the people in Brazil as much as they become a part of me.
I have talked with Steve Dolan recently, and he assured me that everyone is looking forward to my arrival, and that I will be hitting the ground running. Right away, I will be teaching 4 night classes of English to the young adults there, and I will start learning Portuguese myself.
You can't imagine how blessed I feel to be finally seeing my dream come true. This is just the beginning to a great and enduring adventure. I look forward to sharing many wonderful stories and pictures with you about my journey!!! Thank you again for all your love and support!

Also, just a reminder about giving:

*Please, make your checks out to the Xingu Mission and put Allison Rupert in the Memo.

-You can put your checks in the offering basket at church.
-You can mail your checks directly to the mission at:
Xingu Mission
PO Box 340785
Columbus, OH 43234

Your friend,
Allison Rupert