Sunday, February 26, 2012

Heading to Toronto

Its a little after 2am on Sunday, February 26th, 2012. I have just arrived at the bus station in Cleveland, OH. At around 6am, I will head over to the train station to catch a train to Toronto, Ontario. I figured this would be a great time to do some blogging.
Even with the late hour, the bus station is lively and awake, and the energy of it is fueling me. So much anticipation filters into my mind as this day marks another step closer to Brazil.  I am closer to warmth and a strange newness. I am closer to living out the life I was destined for.  Closer to seeing the God who directs my path release me into new territory.  Closer to tasting the dream that has possessed me for so long.
Toronto is a pivotal step towards that dream. I will be there for 2 weeks taking a Missions Prep Class designed to prepare me for what I should expect from becoming a missionary. As I sit here in the bus station, still only a few hours into my journey, I feel that dizzy excitement that comes from knowing your dream is finally within reach. I ponder how long God has been pouring into me to bring me to this moment? All the roller coasters and winding roads just to bring me to this place of fulfillment. How much time have I longed for and hoped against hope that this day would come? Here and now, God proves himself. He knows how to keep his promises. I've given him everything that I am, and he's given me more than I deserve.
The next 2 weeks should be an adventure. I will meet a lot of people who have the same desires as me. I will probably learn a lot of things that will inspire and challenge me. My hope is that this is also a time of rest and refreshing. A time to get in touch with that quiet voice inside me. As you can imagine, the planning process for moving to another country is a little exhausting, and I need to be rejuvenated.
If you could think of me over the next few weeks and say a quick prayer, I would appreciate it. And as you do, I encourage you to ponder over your own dreams and callings. Go to that place in your mind where anything is possible and allow God to meet you there. I believe we each play a part in helping others discover and live out who we were designed to be. We can imagine together what the world will look like when Heaven truly invades the Earth. Thank you!