Allison and Ronã have a passion for helping the Brazilian people. They have a desire to use all the gifts and abilities that God has given them to be a blessing to others. Allison met Ronã shortly after coming to Brazil while teaching English at CDR in Altamira. Almost four years later, they married, and began a new adventure together as missionaries and church planters. Both share a love of teaching of English as a way to connect with others. Allison has been involved with several ministries, including serving the poor and recovery-based groups. Ronã is an avid lover of music, and is actively involved with worship ministries. He also is involved in several evangelistic projects in order to advance the Vineyard church planting movement here in Brazil. In 2017, Allison gave birth to their delightful son, Oliver. Please pray for them that God would continue to use them to advance His kingdom! Video: Allison and Ronã 2017