Saturday, May 19, 2018

Memories for a Lifetime

Hello Everyone!

Our time here is beginning to come to an end as we will be leaving to go back to Brazil on June 1st. I can't say enough about what this trip has meant for our family. It will be an experience that we will hold onto for many years into the future.
Since our last update, we had the privilege of taking a 2 week road trip up through New York and Canada to visit family and friends. What an adventure!
I have a cousin on my mother's side who lives in Brooklyn, NY, so we spent a few days there doing some sightseeing.

Ground Zero Memorial

A stroll through Central Park

Time Square
 In Canada, we visited family in both Montréal and Toronto.

Family in Montréal

Family in Toronto

Oliver playing with cousins!

We also had the pleasure of spending a few days with our very good friends and mentors, Art and Cyndi Rae. Art and Cyndi have been on sabbatical for the past year in Cambridge, Ontario, and they will be headed back to Brazil in August to continue training leaders in the Living Waters program. We had missed them so much!

Since coming back from our road trip, we have started meeting with our supporters again to reconnect and making some new connections. This week, we had the pleasure of visiting the Schoppelrei family who are apart of the Morrow County Vineyard.

Out to dinner with the Schoppelrei family

Financial Goals:

We believe we are about $500-$700 away from our monthly goal! This is amazing! So many of you have already signed up to donate monthly, which has been so encouraging. Your desire and commitment to support us has confirmed even deeper the calling that God has on us for our new mission in João Pessoa. We know that we truly have a great team backing us as we move our lives and our family to this new work. Thank you!
If you have already signed up to support us monthly, it would be really helpful if you would send us an email to let us know how much you have committed to. This will help us to know exactly where we are at and how much more we need to raise.

If we have not met with you already, we still have a little bit of time available. We would love just to catch up with you and answer any questions you have about our work in Brazil. Let us know.


Love, the Moura Family

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Half Way There

Hello Everyone!

It has been such a pleasure to spend time with all of you on our visit so far. It has already been quite the journey, and we are only about half way there. For Ronã and Oliver, especially, this has been a time filled with new experiences.

When we first arrived, we spent a couple of weeks in Georgia visiting with my Mom. It brought me so much joy watching her interact with Oliver and Ronã.

When we arrived in Columbus, we spent the first week hanging out with my Dad and his wife, Mimi. They invited over all the family and some friends to welcome us home.

We also got the chance to visit my grandparents and some old friends in North Carolina. 

Dinner at my Grandparents' house

We are so glad that we have been able to spend time reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones!

Having lunch with Chris and Amanda Saul, and their beautiful daughter, Cora   

Visiting the small group of Jim and Jo Ann McCann

Financial Update:

I am thankful to say that we have made some progress toward our financial goals, but we still have a ways to go. 
The Xingu Mission asked that we have at least $5000 as an emergency fund available. As of now, we have about $4000. We are almost there!
For our average monthly support, we are expected to have around $3,300. At the moment, our current monthly average is about $2000. I know that many of you have recently signed up to become our monthly supporters, and we are so grateful to you. For those of you who have not, we ask that you prayerfully consider investing financially in what God is doing in Brazil. 
After speaking with our leaders, we decided it was necessary to extend our trip here by a few weeks in order to create more opportunities to meet with people face to face and continue working towards our financial goals. 
If we have not already had a chance to get together with you, we would love to schedule some time for either lunch or dinner. Below, I put some dates that we still have available. 

Thursday, April 12th: Lunch
Tuesday, April 17th: Dinner
Wednesday, April 18th: Lunch

Saturday, May 12th: Dinner
Monday, May 14th: Lunch
Thursday, May 17th: Dinner
Friday, May 18th: Lunch or Dinner
Saturday, May 19th: Lunch or Dinner
Tuesday, May 22nd: Lunch or Dinner
Thursday, May 24th: Lunch or Dinner 
Friday, May 25th: Lunch or Dinner

Thank you all for the love and support that we have received from you during our journey. Ronã has told me how welcomed he has felt here. That even though you have never met him before, he has been treated like an old friend. Thank you for welcoming me and my family into your hearts and homes! 


Love, the Moura Family

Monday, January 22, 2018


Hello to You All!

I hope your new year is off to a good start. For me, this year is filled with so much anticipation! In less than one month, we will be on our way to the States. Even though I am still here in Brazil, I find that in my mind, I am already "there". I am imagining sitting by the fire at my parents' house. I am seeing Ronã eating Grater's ice cream for the first time. I am imagining my Mom playing with and talking to Oliver. It brings both longing and joy.

In the mean time, we are preparing to be gone for 3 months and for our move to João Pessoa once we come back. We have sold most of our stuff. We have found a new home for our dog, Café. We are getting used to the idea of leaving what we have been building since we came back here to Altamira less than 2 years ago.

The hardest thing to leave behind is the women's group that I have been leading, as well as the individuals that I have been investing in. Thankfully, one of the women, Débora, will be continuing to lead the group after I have gone. We have already moved the group over to her house, and she had begun taking responsibility for it. It has been such a pleasure for me to watch her grow and develop into a mature follower of Christ. She has showed faithfulness and a sincere motivation to pursue Jesus at whatever the cost. Even though I am leaving, we will continue to keep in contact with each other while I am away in order to guide her.
Group Selfie!

This group has provided an opportunity for these women to share their struggles and victories in a safe environment which is often not available to them in other settings. Please pray for Débora and these women as they continue to move forward with each other and with God.

Update from Ronã: Hey everybody! We are almost finishing with the vacation flag football project. We started with around 8 kids (5 of those I had never met before). We still had some spots available, so my friend, Amoacy, advertised at CDR. One kid came and then he invited 3 of his friends, and they invited their friends!
While talking to them about Christ, I noticed that some of them have never heard the stories of Jesus before. I was glad God gave me the chance to introduce Him to them. Always, when I am with them, I am reminded of myself. When I started studying at CDR, my teacher invited me to do a play at the church, and also to play soccer a couple of times. I felt so happy and accepted at that time, and it is one of my favorite memories. I pray that these kids may feel the same way. Below is a video of the kids playing.


We would like to start scheduling our time to visit with you while we are there, so below, I am going to put the dates that we will be available. Please, send me an email with the time that will work for you. We can get together for lunch or dinner. Can't wait!

March 13-March 26
April 2-April 24
May 10-May 14

Love, the Moura Family


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Overcoming Fear

Hi everybody, this is Ronã.

I’m very excited to meet all of you next year. Yeah! That’s right, we are going to America in February! That’s awesome!

Until then, I want to talk about one challenge I’m overcoming during this time—The fear of evangelism.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I am ashamed of Christ. It’s not that at all. I love to talk about Jesus with my friends. It’s about the fear of people’s response. I’ve shared the gospel with some people, but they didn’t receive it, or they ignored me, or they denied what I said. It really affected my confidence, and I started thinking that I’m not good at this (evangelism). That’s not my gift.

Although, as you know, evangelism isn’t an option. We all have the call to evangelize. Jesus’ last words on earth were a command to evangelize and make disciples. For Him to spend His last minutes with us telling us to evangelize shows its importance to the church.

So, I had to find a way to overcome this fear. I’ve overcome other fears before. When I was learning English, I was afraid that I would make mistakes when I spoke to someone. However, I knew that if I didn’t try, I would never be able to speak. The same happened when I started to teach. My hands would shake. I was afraid that my students wouldn’t like me or I wouldn’t do a good job. But I knew that if didn’t get into the classroom, I would never be able to improve. The same goes for evangelism. If I don’t practice it, I will never be able to see its fruit.

So I started praying that the Lord would give me opportunities, boldness, and the capacity to evangelize. I started seeing His answer when I took the last quarter of VI. One of the courses available was Evangelism and Discipleship. I knew that’s the one I needed the most, so I chose it and it was a blessing.

If I could summarize what I learned in one sentence, it would be this sentence:

Do what you love with people who don’t know Christ”.

We all have things we love to do, and our hobbies can be excellent tools for the gospel. In my case, I love to draw and play sports (even though I’m not good at them). So I started to offer some digital drawing lessons to some people at CDR, and also playing Flag Football with others in a field next to our house. The result is that now I’m connected to around 6 new people so far. People that I can offer my friendship, knowledge and help.

Amanda's Drawing Character

Flag Football on Saturday.

Every Saturday more people come to the flag football, and they bring their friends. Our plan is to invite them to an Alpha group in December. Pray for us.

A few points I’d like to highlight:

l  Sometimes we spend all our time doing church things (that’s not bad), but we end up just being around Christians all the time. It becomes hard to connect with others. The worship team currently has 4 piano players, so I asked for a break. This has allowed me to have more time to focus on these “outside” projects.

l  Community evangelism. I haven’t been doing these projects by myself. Amazing people have helped me so much, and I’m really glad God sent them. So if you want to evangelize, consider doing it with your friends. That’s encouraging.

l  The VI course really gave me a new excitement for evangelism, and if you feel the same, I would recommend you take it or read the books contained in it. They are: Re-imaging evangelism by Rick Richardson and 3D gospel by Jason Georges.

To finish I want to share an amazing week I had with two missionaries in a close city. Dean and Larry have been doing a teaching training with the 1st Baptist Church of Anapu for two years. They’re blessing that church very much. I’m glad I was able to be part of that. Guess what was Larry’s lesson in this module—Evangelism!

Interpreting Dean. He taught about Christian Doctrines.     
People say you understand better when the interpreter acts like the foreigner.

Interpreting Larry. He reminded me that God is the one who
draws people. So don’t feel discouraged or that you fail when
sharing the gospel. 


 As always, we want to thank you for your constant support of our work here in Brazil!

Love, Ronã and Allison

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lives Transformed

Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed hearing from Ronã last month in our blog. We want to give you all a chance to get to know him, even from afar.

We have some great news! We will be traveling to the States in 2018! We will be there from February 19th until May 16th. That’s 3 whole months! You will finally get to meet Ronã in person and also our new baby boy, Oliver. I can’t tell how much I am looking forward to introducing them to all of you.
Since moving to Brazil, I have only come back to the States for one month at a time. The trip has always felt rushed, not giving me enough time to connect with everyone that I would like to. That should not be a problem this time around. When the trip gets closer, we will give you more details of our itinerary, and hopefully start setting up some dates to meet with all of you.

As you all know, I have been taking part in a program called Living Waters, and we recently started a new semester. This semester, I am the only foreigner on our team which means it has been handed over to the Brazilian leadership. This is one of the main goals we have as missionaries. We want to train up native leaders in several areas of ministry, allowing them to take full ownership and responsibility. Art and Cyndi Rae have done a successful job of this with Living Waters, and I have had the privilege of being apart of and watching this take shape. I am constantly impressed with the wisdom and insight that has been birthed in our Brazilian team. They have a passion to see others healed of deep wounds and demonstrate the compassion and safety necessary to guide the broken on a healing journey. 
Our Brazilian Team

              I want to tell you about one team member in particular. Her name is Débora. I first met her last semester when she was one of the participants in a group I was leading for the Journey. The Journey acts as an introduction to Living Waters, and helps us identify those who are in need of emotional healing.
Débora was clearly desperate. The hurts of her past were overwhelming her. She seemed lost and helpless and lacked all confidence in herself. Throughout the Journey and Living Waters, she poured herself out to God and those around her, opening herself up to whatever God wanted to do in her life.  At the end of the program, you could see a significant change in her. She seemed lighter, more hopeful. She no longer carried around a spirit of being lost. She had been found.
Since then, I have been meeting with Débora once a week to help her continue in her spiritual growth. She has also been participating in my women’s group on Saturday mornings. What I have seen from her has been amazing to watch. Today, she is a woman full of joy and gratitude for the work of God in her life. And everything that the Lord has been doing in her, she has already started to give away.

Débora is currently training to be a Living Waters group leader. And almost every time our women’s group meets, she brings someone new with her. I jokingly asked her if she was just pulling these women off the street on the way to group! She is constantly telling me about someone she has met or knows who is going through a difficult time, and she has prayed with them and helped them connect to God. It’s as if all those around her can see the work of God in her humble heart and are immediately drawn to her.
A few weeks ago, after our Living Waters meeting, she was talking to another participant about a local orphanage. She came to me and said, “Allison, I think we should go there!”.
A week later, we were on the steps of the orphanage, talking to the attendant, only to find out that they currently had 4 babies living there. My heart broke. We went inside and spent the next few hours holding little babies in our arms and trying to give them all the love and attention we had. Since then, we have been talking to other women we know so that we can get a group together to go there and serve these children on a regular basis.
For me, it has been such a joy to watch what God is doing through Débora. Seeing someone transform right before your eyes is an incredible privilege. It is what makes all the sacrifice and challenges worth it! I believe this is what Jesus meant when he said that we are to go and make disciples. He wasn’t looking for converts or church goers, but to see others truly bearing the fruit of his likeness.

Thank you for your prayers as we serve here as missionaries in Brazil. Our goal and hope is to be apart of more stories like the one above: Lives Transformed. When you give and pray for us, you are taking apart in this transformation as well. We are all on the same team, working towards the same calling and goals. God bless you all! We love you!

The Moura Family

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I Got My Visa!

Me with My Visa

Hi everyone, This is Ronã

I’m so happy to share with you the good news about the visa. That’s right! After one year of the disappointing denial, we tried again and my visa was accepted. Praise the Lord!

The time for me to meet you is closer. But while we can’t at this time, I’d like to share the things we are doing here:

We just came back from an awesome trip to João Pessoa. The time we had there was a blessing. Our trip had these goals:
* Register baby Oliver and get his passport;
* Change Allison’s last name and get her new passport;
* Try to get my visa
* And see if there’s a calling for the church planting with another missionary couple there.

Thank God, we solved all the bureaucracy and paper work at the embassy. We’re just waiting for the documents to come in the mail. But we are still praying about the possibility of helping the church plant in João Pessoa. We want to invite you in this prayer.

The classes at CDR started. Both Allison and I have some great classes with very motivated students. It’s amazing to see the blessing CDR is to this city. I’m an example of that. If it were not for CDR, I wouldn’t have been able to learn English. It’s unaffordable for most of the families here. So I feel very grateful to be teaching there.

Picture of when I started studying at CDR in 2009


Picture of my class today

This quarter, I started the VI course in Discipleship and Evangelism. It’s been challenging for me, but I’m definitely learning many good things. I want to start sharing what I’ve learned in a discipleship group we have at the church on Tuesday nights.
The whole idea of studying the VI course came after a conversation with my friend, Art Rae. As I have the gift of teaching, he challenged me to study and find effective ways to teach what I have learned. That felt like it was from the Lord. It is a way to use the gifts he gave me.

Following this, I asked my friend Wade Kirt to help me. He’s the youth pastor at the Alive Vineyard in Newark, Ohio. I had the opportunity to be his interpreter on a mission trip 2 years ago. That was my first experience interpreting a sermon. I’m glad it was with him. Now we are committed to meet regularly, so that I can be trained and learn from his experience. I see myself dealing with kids or teens wherever we go. My prayer is to offer the best of me to the Kingdom and that God gives me boldness and opportunities.

My first sermon interpretation with Wade

I keep working with the worship team and the kids ministry;

I want to thank you all for your donations and ask for your prayers for our family:

*That we would be good parents for our son. (parents that reflect our Heavenly Father);
*The Lord’s direction in our next step;
*Financial provision.

Illustration I drew when Oliver was born

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bundle of Joy

Hello to All Our Friends and Supporters!

It is my great pleasure to tell you all that Ronã and I have a beautiful new baby boy named Oliver! He was born on May 29th, 2017 at 10:38pm, weighing a little over 8lbs. We are so grateful for him!

It’s been about 3 weeks since he was born, and of course, our lives are changed forever. Both of us are trying to adjust to the new schedule of feeding and sleeping. We are so blessed to have Ronã’s mom staying with us to help us with the transition. She has been doing most of the cooking and cleaning. Please, pray for all of us as we learn how to be parents and for patience as we are so tired!

Ronã's parents with baby Oliver

            Though we are trying to take it slow, we are also trying to start adding some new challenges to our lives.
            Last time, I told you that I was working on starting a women’s group. We were able to meet for 3 weeks before I gave birth, and they were 3 wonderful weeks. The group is exactly what I was hoping for. All the women attending have been very open with each other, and very respectful of each other. The group is on Saturday mornings for breakfast, but when lunch time comes around, they are still talking! I have to practically kick them out! :) But I am so grateful that they are having such a good time with each other. We plan to start back again in the beginning of July. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for these women. They are still only just beginning to learn who they are in Christ.
            This week, I have starting meeting again with the women on an individual basis. Luckily, Oliver sleeps through most of our meetings. It gives me great pleasure to encourage these women as they grow.
            Ronã recently starting taking an abridged version of the Vineyard Institute course that is offered here at our church. He will also be starting the online course of Vineyard Institute. I actually completed this course a few years ago. The course is a basic theology and ministry training course. It is an excellent program with practical training for those working in the field. This will greatly help Ronã as we continue to work in ministry.
            Ronã is also helping with the children’s ministry, a discipleship group, and the worship team at church. His current goals are to get as much experience as possible to prepare him for what lies ahead. Our hope is to eventually join another church plant as members of their team, and we both want to be well-rounded in what we have to offer. We are still praying about when and where to go. In August, we will be visiting a city called João Pessoa located off the coast of Brazil. There is already a missionary couple, Phil and Jen Snell, living there with their 2 children. We will be spending time with them to see if João Pessoa would be a good fit for us. Please, pray that God gives us very clear direction as we explore our options for ministry here in Brazil.
            Thank you all for your continued support of our work in Brazil. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Our focus is always the same. We want to be used in the Kingdom of God. Even in a season of great change as our family grows, we are always asking the question, “How does God want to use us now?” Please, pray with us that God would reveal himself to us in every transition of our lives.

Love, Allison and Ronã Moura

If you are interested in donating, please visit the link below.