Prayer Support-This is really important. We need your prayers!
-Continued growth in understanding of the culture, in order to help the people.
-Feelings of homesickness
-That God would give us specific direction on how and where we should minister.
-That God would continue to develop our gifts and talents so that we can be of maximum help to those around us.
-That God would protect us from any way that the enemy would try to attack us.

And if you feel like you have heard anything from the Lord on our behalf, please let us know! Thanks.

Financial Support-Monthly support is the best way to help us as it gives us the opportunity to plan ahead. Of course, any support you are able to give is greatly appreciated!

Monthly Expenses:

Monthly Living Expenses
Utilities (gas, electric, water, etc.)
House Maintenance
Car Gas/Maintenance
School Loans
Health Insurance

Monthly Ministry Expenses
Ministry Projects/Social Assistance
Travel (In country/furlough)
Mission Admin Fees

Monthly Grand Total: $2,910