Thursday, May 14, 2015

Very Exciting News!

Hello to all my Gracious Friends and Supporters!

I have some news for you all that I have wanted to tell you for a long time. But first, I want to give you all the back story.
As you already know, when I first moved to Brazil, I quickly started teaching English at CDR. I decided to offer my students an extra class if any of them would be interested in more help. A few of my students came, but not many, expect for one. His name was Ronã Moura (pronounced in english Ronan), and he already spoke English very well. Twice a week for almost a year, we met together as I gave him stuff to read in English and then we would discuss it.
Over that time, we developed a friendship that continued as he went on to finish the 4-year program with other teachers. He has since gone on to continue to be apart of CDR in Altamira as a class assistant and teacher.
A little before I came here to Portel, we decided that we would like to know if there was a possibility for our relationship to grow farther than just friendship. Ronã and I discussed this possibility with our leaders and friends, and they suggested that we start a specific process that goes as such. Ronã was a member of a different church at the time, and my leaders didn't know personally where he was at spiritually. They suggested that he agree to start coming to the Vineyard in Altamira, and start building relationships with the people there. They wanted to discover if he would fit well in the church and in our community. They asked that we would not date during this time to give Ronã a chance to grow.
Over that time, they saw Ronã grow substantially as he involved himself with a home group and practiced with the worship team. They began to see in him what I had seen. That he was kind, vulnerable, and had a very open heart to know and follow God.
Ronã is very unique to me. He reveals a tenderness that I find rare. He is funny and smart. As I said before, his English is very good and he is a teacher at CDR. He recently graduated from the Federal University with a bachelors in Science Education. He has a hunger for learning and excels at whatever he puts his mind to. I have so much respect for him and his attitude toward life. And of course, I think he is cute!
After having completed this process of allowing Ronã to become familair with our church, I sat down and had a conversation with Richie who is the Base Leader here in Portel. Richie said that he was pleased with how Ronã had progressed and with his connection to our community. Richie agreed that he and I could finally start dating. As you can imagine, Ronã and I are very excited about this as we have waited for this opportunity for a long time.
At this time, we don't know what the future will look like, but I will gladly let you know more as things change.
I ask that you would pray for us that God would continue to direct our relationship and our future. Thank you again for all your support and love and concern for me.
I also want to personally thank all those who played an intricate part in this process. Their support and advice have been a true blessing: Christopher and Denise Meyer, Danny and Penny Meyer, Steve and Elba Dolan, Richie and Christie Bouthillier, John and Cathy Lieb, and Cleide Oliveira. I love you all and I thank you!

Love, Allison

Ronã with his mother